Another Reformation Sale post! Every single sale, I stock up on denim. Reformation is my go to for jeans – which is handy since it’s my favourite brand. I love that they are sustainable & the fabrics / fits are…

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don’t just stare at it… follow it. @_shannonsilver

  • grand theft aesthetic in napa valley 🌴 fun fact but grand theft auto {esp vice city & san andreas} is a huuuuge source of inspo for me ⚡️ #lazyluxury
  • MEET 「 SAKURA 」 another preset from the lazy luxury collection!🌸 it’s no secret my immense love & respect for Japan & Japanese culture. I wanted to create a filter inspired by my favourite flower: the cherry blossom. 「 s a k u r a 」is a muted but fluorescent mix of pastels and neons & will make pinks really shine. When we were in Tokyo last year, it was right in the middle of hanami and the entire city was pink! There was seriously nothing like it & I can’t wait to be back. 💕 Take a peek at our trip in Tokyo in my story highlights as well as my progress on learning Japanese - we started our lessons almost 9 months ago & not stopping til I’m fluent 💮 swipe to see Sakura in action 📲 #slstokyo #lazyluxury
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  • this summer, Erik & I had a pact that if we both wake up super early, we’d go to the beach and collect sand dollars at low tide. This morning we both got up at 5 randomly so off to Ocean Beach we went! Check it all out in stories 🐚🌊 def a summer bucket list item!! 🌁 #lazyluxury #slssf
edited with the Golden Gate preset from the Lazy Luxury set coming soon ⚜️
  • saturdays in with no plans are my fav saturdays ❤️

Don't just stare at it, follow it


This is a new series and verrry quickly becoming a favourite of mine!! Today’s question: How do you stay positive? Very recently, I realized I was actually a very negative person & the only person it was hurting was myself.…

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